Current operation procedure as recommended by the Executive Committee (EC)

The EC recommended a trial period of 90 days and a reevaluation of the following procedure for the management and distribution of genetic data.

1.   PIs from a CARDIA Field Center (FC), Reading Center (RC), Laboratory, or  subcontractor who have a signed Data Use Agreement (DUA) will have access to all genetic data in the same manner as any other data including the map to link the dbGaP database to the CARDIA database. 

2.   Those who are not from a CARDIA FC, RC, Laboratory or subcontractor, and, thus, have not signed a DUA, will be directed to dbGaP.

3.   If the genetic and/or phenotypic data being requested is currently unavailable through dbGaP, the investigator will submit a paper proposal for approval through the Genetics Subcommittee and Publications & Presentations (P&P) Committee.  Once approval has been obtained, the CC will prepare a genetic and phenotypic dataset in agreement with the study publication policies.