Ancillary Studies

CARDIA serves as a platform for approved ancillary studies that generate additional data and analyses.

What is an ancillary study? A CARDIA ancillary study is one that is funded from sources other than CARDIA contract funds. Ancillary studies create new or additional measurements directly from CARDIA participants or from the use of banked specimens previously collected by the CARDIA study. A CARDIA investigator must be involved as either the principal investigator or a co-investigator on ancillary study proposals.


Below are links to information pertaining to both Year 40 Exam-linked ancillary studies and all other ancillary studies.


Year 40 Exam-Linked Ancillary Studies*:



Pre-Proposal Phase


Proposal Phase


Application Preparation (After Approval) Phase


After Award Phase


General Information 

All Other Ancillary Studies:



Ancillary Study Policies


Data and Materials Distribution Agreement


List of Approved CARDIA Representatives


Guidelines for Using Genetic Materials


Ancillary Study Application Instructions


Ancillary Study Application


List of Ancillary Studies


Preliminary Analysis Request Form


Ancillary Studies’ Measures


Subcontract Budget Template

*Data collection for the proposed ancillary study leverages the CARDIA Y40 core exam (June 1, 2026 – July 31, 2027) infrastructure.