CARDIA "Restricted" Public Use Data



This release contains Version A.1-A.9 of the "restricted" public use data from the CARDIA Study. Use of these data requires acceptance of the distribution agreement prepared by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. This version of the data contains information collected during the first nine examinations of the CARDIA Study as well as the follow-up contacts prior to the ninth examination. Study year, examination number, and calendar year correspond as follows: 

Year 0 - CARDIA I (1985-1986)

Year 2 - CARDIA II (1987-1988)

Year 5 - CARDIA III (1990-1991)

Year 7 - CARDIA IV (1992-1993)

Year 10 - CARDIA V (1995-1996)

Year 15 - CARDIA VI (2000-2001)

Year 20 - CARDIA VII (2005-2006)

Year 25 - CARDIA VIII (2010-2011)

Year 30 - CARDIA VIII (2015-2016)



Files are organized into 2 subdirectories. The first subdirectory, DATA, contains all of the SAS datasets. The second subdirectory, DOC, contains all of the PDF files that constitute the documentation for these data. Index pages organize these files by exam year and dataset.

Further Information 

For further information regarding the CARDIA study, please contact:

CARDIA Project Office

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Division of Preventive and Population Sciences

6701 Rockledge Drive

Bethesda, MD 20892-7934

(301) 435-0711

Information about the CARDIA Study

A brief description of the CARDIA Study, links to all of the study protocols and manuals of operation (MOOs), a list of publications to date, and a matrix detailing the data collected at each examination are provided in the document you can link to here: Information about the CARDIA Study  

General Data Notes

Some modifications were required for this data release to protect participants' anonymity. A description of these modifications, along with general information about naming conventions and dataset structure, are provided in the document that you can link to here: General data notes

Index of Datasets by Component and Examination

Data and Documentation

This links to Data and Documentation Index by Year 


  • index1 Year 00 /Exam 1 - (DOC/index1.htm)
  • index2 Year 02 / Exam 2 - (DOC/index2.htm)
  • index3 Year 05 / Exam 3 - (DOC/index3.htm)
  • index4 Year 07 / Exam 4 - (DOC/index4.htm)
  • index5 Year 10 / Exam 5 - (DOC2/index5.htm)
  • index6 Year 15 / Exam 6 - (DOC2/index6.htm)
  • index7 Year 20 / Exam 7 - (DOC2/index7.htm)
  • index8 Year 25 / Exam 8 - (DOC2/index8.htm)
  • index9 Year 30 / Exam 9 - (DOC2/index9.htm)
  • indexf Follow-up Forms - (DOC/indexf.htm)
  • indexz Deaths and Morbid Endpoints- (DOC/indexz.htm)